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As a child, long before I embraced my passion of all things culinary, my mother instilled in me “the sanctity of fresh fruits and vegetables.” This wasn’t merely about “an apple a day” or “finishing my broccoli” it was about an understanding that the wellspring of the soil was innately wholesome and good. The less processed and modified a farm item may be – the better.

My mother spent her formative years in Saint-Germain-en-Laye outside of Paris, France and used to regale me of the vivid and varied seasonal colors of the daily farmers market and the heavenly morning scent of the boulangerie and their fresh baked bread. Similarly, “seasonal and local”… is a mantra I found later in life – imbued upon me by the master-craftspeople I consider my chef mentors since I have taken up the culinary trade.

These days “Farm to table” may be a popular catch phrase being thrown around the foodie Meccas of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the Napa Valley but it is something I have understood from when I was small. I continue to believe and advise the sanctity of fresh fruits and vegetables and institute their varied and delicious introduction into the most pedestrian or elaborate recipes – In particular I am especially proud of the raw-vegan retreat I orchestrated on Cat-Cay, Bahamas where for a week breakfast, lunch, and dinner were served to a group of 30 or so only the finest and freshest raw organic dishes to both of our delights.

These are spirits and concepts I keep close to my heart till this day in everything I cook. I hope that I may share with you my joy and love of superior ingredients and the production of from-scratch “slow-food”. I find the benefits to be not only dietary, but spiritually healthful.

All the Best! – Chef Sam

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